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About Plaza Grill - Marathon, FL Keys

Chef at Work

The Feeling

The Feeling at Plaza Grill Marathon is indulgent.

Comfortable and elegant, this Florida Keys restaurant is unlike any other. Conjuring the days of elegant fine dining the background music is 1950’s retro, setting an ambience that is cozy and classy. The heartbeat of the Plaza Grill experience focuses on service that is indulgent and precise— the focus always being on the pulse of our guests, combined with food that is artfully prepared in a setting that evokes understated luxury.

Our Executive Chef

Our chef,  Edith Carrera, brings ___ to Plaza Grill Marathon. The TEXT BELOW IS PLACEHOLDER

---Working in the food industry for 10+ years, our acclaimed chef has drawn inspiration from all over the world, seamlessly synthesizing the familiar and the unknown to form daringly bold flavors and class. The carefully-crafted menu accentuates the uniquely exquisite flavors that have come to define Plaza Grill. This one-of-a-kind and intimate experience will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.----

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